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Campsite near the sea
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beautiful beaches near the campsite

The most beautiful beaches near the campsite in Loire-Atlantique

When you’re on vacation at a campsite near Guérande, get on your bike and head for the sandy beaches and seaside activities. Just a few minutes away, head for Sorlock beach along the Pointe de Merquel! To the west of the Pen-bé, Rosay and Rostu traicts, which feed the salt marshes, the sea is high for longer, making it ideal for swimming. A beach club is available for children.

Ideal for tasting oysters, the little port of Kercabellec is also the starting point for beautiful walks along the coast and in the marshes, on paths dotted withbird observatories. Pont-Mahé Bay, very close to your seaside campsite in the Loire-Atlantique region, is a kitesurfer’s paradise : the perfect opportunity to learn or simplyadmire the ballet of the sails over the water!

The best water activities near Guérande

Fill up on outdooractivities at a seaside campsite near Guérande! At low tide, the foreshore reveals its treasures: it’s time to go fishing on foot or take a guided tour to discover shellfish, seaweed and crustaceans.

Alongside some of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast, your vacation will also be punctuated by swimming, lounging, sandcastles and sunbathing. Do you love sliding? Make way for wingfoil, surfing and kitesurfing. Set sail from the ports of La Turballe, Le Croisic or Piriac for a discovery cruise or a crossing to the islands. Don’t forget to try your hand at scuba diving to admire the ocean depths!

guided walk
embark from the port of croisic
rental near the seaside

Your rental near the sea

This summer, opt for the comfort of a mobile home in a campsite with direct access to the sea or beaches just a few minutes away. Just a few steps from the coast, everything’s just that little bit easier! Your walks and bike rides will take you from salt marshes to oyster huts , from sailing clubs to family beaches. Enjoy picnics on the sand and sunsets over the ocean! The sweet smell of sea spray and the laughter of seagulls can be heard all the way to the terrace of your rental property.

Located 4 km from the seaside near Guérande, the Domaine du Mès promises a seaside holiday!

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